Saturday, February 17, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith died this month. I enjoyed her spunk she showed to us on television. I am so sorry for her and her family.I wish her lots of peace in the after life. I also wish her family my condolence for thier lost of her and her son Daniel. I would like to remeber her as that great Texas blond bomb shell who can suck all the attention in a room on her. She was a great model and a beautiful actress. I will always adore her.

To her son Daniel R.I.P

Rest In Peace

Peace is what god gives us to surrive in our life. When we see some one grieve just pray for them to have peace. When we loose some one close to us , its not such a bad thing.The good thing is ,when you go to the gates of heaven we will see familar faces we already know.

Anna Nicole R.I.P

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