Thursday, September 28, 2006

Music Page

I am going to post a music page on my website is there any ideas of what yuo all think I should have posted. I like all types so I wonder are there any musicians out there who want exposure I would like to help.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

UFOs subject

Well as you all know this month is comming to an end and so is this topic .Next week we will talk about something else.

Screw you

In December I am going to post my exclusive story on blogger and only blogger its called SCREW YOU.

Greenday Fan

I am so in love with GreenDay they are my favorite group to listen to. I just bought the album American Idiot. I listen to it every night . Well maybe I eill get to meet them in person .

i missed there tour when they came to my state they were sold out any way. Well now I am looking for there movie live freaky die fraky . here are the trailor clippings to the website. And click the link to their movie.

I wander what it would be like to be a puppet people pulling on your strings.


I have a firey passion for my lover. He consumes me with desire I burst in to flames.
"Gabriella" from the websoap LOVE&PASSION on
Comming this Fall.

Night Life

I added a new section called the NightLife its for my gothic members. I have a whole month for gothic members.

Thanks to the Night LIFE CREW! I would not have a new following if it were not for you guys. thanks for being with my crazy self.


Hey to all of my fans this is just a reminder that we are still working on my site and I have posted up several new stories. I have added a special section for my gothic fans. I will post a smany writings as I can .